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 Post subject: Windows NT and the '386 processor
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 11:40 am 

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Hello Mr. Mueller,

As I was going through the 15th edition Pdf I bumped into a rather unclear
statement and have identified need to bring it to your attention.

On page 117 in chapter 3 in the last paragraph it is stated "the protected
mode of the 386 is fully compatible with the protected mode of the 286. The
protected mode for both chips often is called their native mode of
operation because these chips are designed for advanced operating systems
such as windows NT/2000/XP, which run only in protected mode."

I intend to point out that these operating systems did not share
technological designs suited for those very old processors. I understand
these 32 bit 386 processors had no memory room or slots to muster setup for
these very advanced operating systems and their lines had ceased production
by the time these operating systems were being designed. Please correct me
or confirm my observation.

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 Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 11:41 am 
Site Admin

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Windows NT 3.1 (the first release despite the 3.1 designation) was
originally released on July 27, 1993, and was designed to run on any 32-bit
x86 processor, the first of which was the '386.

The following are quotes from the Windows NT 3.1 System Guide (the user
guide that came with the first version of Windows NT), where it details the
processor and memory system requirements. Under system requirements for the
processor it states:

"32-bit x86-based microprocessor (such as Intel 80386/25 or higher), or
supported RISC-based microprocessors such as the MIPS R4000 and DEC Alpha."

Under system requirements for memory it states:

"12MB RAM recommended minimum for x86 systems; 16MB minimum for RISC

Now consider that Windows XP is also called Windows NT 5.1, and has been
demonstrated here running on a Socket 3 (486) motherboard with a "Pentium
Overdrive" processor installed, which has been underclocked to only *8MHz*
and with only *20MB* of RAM:

Not that you would or could actually *use* WinXP on a system like that, but
the point is that it actually ran. <g>

Bottom line: Windows NT was originally released to run on the '386, which
was the first processor in the Intel 32-bit x86 family. As the x86 32-bit
processor family has evolved (the latest of which have 64-bit extensions),
newer versions of NT have also evolved to run on them. Scott.

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 Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 12:11 pm 

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That guy needs a job or a hobby.

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