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 Post subject: 802.11n
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:23 pm 

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Scott, I may have asked you this question before or something similar but I forgot. Anyway I want to know your opinion on the 802.11N wireless standard. I think I saw your opinion before about newer technoligies saying to wait a few years and always go with the "second best" because the new the product the more problems have to be worked out. Now I did ask my teacher at school about 11n because of my parents situation with them seting up a wireless network at their "camp". He had told me that while N supposedly goes a longer distance than G it actually does not. So I was going to suggest my parents get a wireless G router instead of an "N" router. Anyway my brother decided to help them and had them get a Xtreme N router which I don't think is worth the extra money,


They also purchased two of these,


for their laptops. One already had built in wireless but G not N. For some reason my brother couldn't get connected via the laptops. So what I did on the laptop with the wireless G built in is uninstall the Xtreme N card and just use the built in wireless. This works fine and the wireless signal goes almost all the way to their other house which they wanted, they will just have to get a directional antenna.... On the other Laptop they have which is quite old I uninstalled the Dlink software for the card and just installed the driver and their wireless works fine. One thing I noticed though is when you right click on the wireless connection and click repair on this older laptop, it says "clearing the arp cache failed" or something like that. One of the steps it does to repair doesn't work right so it doesn't get through it. Anyway it does work fine I just clicked the repair option just for "kicks" and I am wondering why it doesn't work correctly with the Xtreme N card. On the other laptop with the built in G wireless the "repair" option works fine. I'm trying to get them to do a "restore" or reload the OS on their laptops because it has never been done before but my parents are quite set in their ways and "protective" of their computers!. Seems they just want things to "work" and thats it. Things "working" in my mind are a lot different than things "working" in their minds though!.

Please comment on everything, especially whether or not the "N" router was detrimentral or helpful in this situation. I'm very interested in what you would have to say about this situation. Also on a side note I do have your newest U&R pcs on pre-order and was wondering if anything elese is available for pre-order yet in you whole series because I have every book in your series and want to keep up to date on all of them.

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 Post Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:45 pm 
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I'm not ready to fully endorse 802.11n just yet: viewtopic.php?p=222#222

However, any products that are WiFi certified draft 802.11n 2.0 http://tinyurl.com/2glx4v should be fine.

While you can get a little more range out of 802.11n, for longer distance connections I'd recommend 802.11g devices along with amplifiers and directional antennas such as those from RadioLabs: http://www.radiolabs.com

I'm interested in 802.11n devices that support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands (meaning they are 802.11abgn certified). So far there are several abgn adapters, but not many abgn routers/access points.

Let me know how things work out with your setup. Scott.

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