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 Post subject: Remote Access Solution
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:06 am 

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This may or may not be the best forum location for this question.

I know how to set up UltraVNC for remote access and do my router port redirection for doing the remote access from whichever computer I would happen to be at in my house, and I have a Single Click UltraVNC file set up with a dynDNS hostname for IP redirection so a person like my mother can easily use the Single Click and not need to know my IP address for remote support. But, this becomes problematic when I am not at home.

That is why I was using Logmein. Logmein has stopped free operation, and is charging $49 to current users for 2 computers.

I'll admit it. I'm cheap. For the dozen or so times per year that I help the few people I help, the cost, (would be more than $49 because I would need more than 2) is too much for my blood.

I've been looking at TeamViewer 9. Anyone with experience with this product? I liked Logmein because I could help any of my peeps from anywhere by simply going to the website, and launching the remote session.

LMI is only giving it's users SEVEN DAYS to find a new solution. In my opinion, this is a very poor way to do business. I see it if you no longer want to offer a free product, but, one would think they could have given their users at least 30 days advance notice.

I don't mean to sound cheap, but remote access is not something I use personally on a daily basis, so, paying a lot of $$ isn't something I'm willing to do.

I know the company I work for uses Dameware, and I think they have had to drop a chunk of change for that. But, that's business. My situation is different.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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 Post subject: Re: Remote Access Solution
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:01 pm 
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We've been using Logmein Hamachi (free for up to 5 users on a single network) to create VPNs along with Windows Remote Desktop to take over systems remotely. There is no screen sharing with this setup, however you can log in to a system and take it over completely using RDC. If you need more capacity and features it costs only $29 anually for up to 32 users on a network.

For simple remote screen sharing we've been using the free version of join.me, which has worked pretty well so far.

I'm always interested in finding alternatives, so if anybody has any other solutions, reviews or experiences they would like to share I'd be interested in hearing about them. Thanks, Scott.

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 Post subject: Re: Remote Access Solution
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:26 am 

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I've used Teamviewer in the past and found it very easy. As far as I can remember you can either get the user to click on the .exe and run it, then tell you the log in details; or you can install it beforehand on their machine and it runs in the background as a service. You can then just log in with the details you entered during installation.
I also have Openvpn running on a Raspberry Pi at home. Which allows me access to my LAN remotely. I can RPD, or even use an app on my phone to boot my PC via wake on lan from it being turned off. It's also handy if you want to browse securely over an unencrypted wifi hotspot. I'm not sure you're after something like this, however.

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