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 Post subject: Where (and how) I get my Chrome
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:38 pm 
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is this where you got your chrome http://www.google.com/chrome...

Definitely not. Just as I don't recommend installing major Microsoft updates, programs or service packs via Windows Updates, I also don't recommend installing any other programs via "online" installers. An online installer is where the installer doesn't contain a full copy of the program to be installed, rather it is merely a "stub" program that goes online, then downloads and installs the actual program. This requires an internet connection and downloads a full copy of the program for every system you install it on, a major waste of time and bandwidth. I want to download the full program installer once and then be able to install it on as many systems as I need to whether they are internet connected or not, without having to re-download it each and every time. These are normally called full or "offline" installers.

Another issue is that the online installer for Chrome installs a limited version that works for only one user account (the one you install it on). In general I want programs to work on *all* user accounts on the system. Fortunately to solve these problems Google has downloadable full "offline" installers for one or all user accounts here.

But I don't get my Chrome there either. Another thing I look for in an installer for major programs is an MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer) version. This is what businesses use because not only is it a full version of the program that works for all user accounts, but MSI based installers allow for customization as well as unattended (aka quiet) installations. An unattended installation is where the program can be installed via a single command (often as part of a script), with command-line switches that allow the program to install requiring no input or actions on the part of the user.

Google has a downloadable MSI based installer for Chrome on its Chrome for Business page. Note that the Business version is no different from the standard all-user version other than the way it installs. Once you download the MSI, the command to install Chrome in an unattended fashion is:

    GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi /qb

An MSI file is treated somewhat like an executable to Windows, when entered as a command Windows will automatically call the msiexec program to begin the installation. The /qb switch tells msiexec to install the program in "quiet" mode with a basic user interface, which means a window will appear showing the installation progress but no user prompts will be presented.

THAT's where I get my Chrome. <g> Scott.

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